Don’t let low-quality products flood aluminium market, says NAPCO CEO


Consumers should be protected from low-quality, low-cost foreign products which are flooding the local aluminium market, at the expense of good-quality, indigenous products, says Ihab Mouallem, CEO of National Aluminium Products Company (NAPCO). Excerpts from an interview with Muhammed Nafie 

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How was the performance of NAPCO in 2018?

The year 2018 was a turnaround-year for NAPCO. The company doubled its production and revenues during the year, in comparison with the previous years. After the expansion in 2015, we had almost doubled the capacity, but the full-fledged utilisation of this capacity was achieved only in 2018. Furthermore, we introduced during the year many new products, which we call ‘hidden gems’. That is why NAPCO was not majorly affected by the economic crisis that engulfed the GCC region.

In the GCC, NAPCO is placed fifth in terms of capacity, but when it comes to production and revenues, we are number two since July 2018 till date. This is a remarkable achievement given the market and metal prices fluctuations.

We have also expanded our network considerably. We forayed into India for the first time, by supplying our products to One Avighna Park, a major Luxury Residential project in Mumbai. We continued to export to the UK. In addition, we expanded our network in the Middle East, by establishing our presence in almost all countries in the region. Africa especially the North Africa, has proved to be a very promising market for us. We have started exporting to the region since September 2018.

In short, we have put the ‘Made in Oman’ mark in Europe, India, Africa and across the globe.