Dubai Design District

Project at a Glance:

Location: Dubai, UAE

Attribute: Mix Development

Dubai Design District, d3, has been carefully developed to provide a creative ecosystem that surpasses the expectations of a typical creative neighbourhood. It has its own beating heart; its own spirit and its own very personal style. This is a place where bohemians can live, work and play. Where aspiring designers can cut their teeth and learn their trade; where local talent can work alongside international design, art and fashion houses. It is, at its heart, a place where creative minds can come together to realise their dreams.

Since Dubai Design District was announced in June 2013, progress has been rapid and we are pleased that Phase 1 of d3’s construction has been completed on-schedule. We now have 220 business partners joining us as part of the community and look forward to many more milestones during the coming months and years